Wt-classes is a C++ library with utility classes used by Wt applications. Wt is a C++ library for developing web applications.

Wt itself lacks some components, which are needed for many projects. For example, there is no class representing time duration in Wt. It is represented as a number of seconds, milliseconds or minutes. Some features of Wt are too low-level (for example, internal path handling). There are a few bindings of Wt to other code (development of bindings is unlikely a purpose of Wt itself).

This wt-classes library is intended to be a good extension for Wt. It adds high level classes and bindings to programs, plugins and public API. Wt-classes is compatible with Wt: it uses Wt instead of forking it. All members of wt-classes live in Wt::Wc namespace, headers are in <Wt/Wc/*.hpp> files.


See Modules tab to view a complete list of wt-classes features


See INSTALL file


Wt-classes is free software. For more information see LICENSE file


wt-classes does not load its l10n xml files by itself. This should be done from an application.

The path to these files is like /usr/share/Wt/Wc/locales/wtclasses.xml.

For wt-classes examples: be sure to set approot to /usr/share/Wt/Wc/.

If you are developing an application, using wt-classes, it is up to you how to manage this situation. You can create a symlink to Wc/locales from your own locales/ directory. Do not copy or link wtclasses.xml file, since names of files for other languages would duffer from wtclasses.xml.


All resources of wt-classes are located under resources/Wc/ directory. If you get Wt resources working, resources of wt-classes are likely to work too.

For wt-classes examples: be sure to set docroot to /usr/share/Wt/.

See special note about resources for SWFStore.

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