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NPG-explorer 0.5.0 released

NPG-explorer is a new tool for nucleotide pangenome construction and analysis of closely related prokaryotic genomes.

Version 0.5.0 was released on Jul 16, 2015.

This release has a focus on bug fixes and a few new developments.


  • Change alignment requirements.
    • Change meaning and default value of MIN_END.
    • Add option FRAME_LENGTH.
  • Add processor CountSMS
  • Filter: increase size of gap score table to 1000
  • Tools.
    • BLAST version: 2.2.29 -> 2.2.30
    • Option npge -v [–version]
    • Clarify option -g
    • Hide option DEV_NULL from npge.conf
    • GUI: show % of length occupied by low similarity
    • Examine: do not recommend nan identity
  • Documentation.
    • ECCB’14: add abstract in English (original)
    • README: meaning of columns of *.bi files
    • README: add blocks types algorithm (image)
  • Fix bugs.
    • FreeBSD build fixes. Thanks to Dmitry Marakasov!
    • Fix segfault in PrintPartition.
    • Fix the bug in BlastFinder (crash on empty input).
    • Fix windows x64 build.
    • Do not apply UPX to 64-bit Windows executables.
    • Lua code: compatibility with Lua >= 5.2.
    • Find more locus_tag’s in GeneBank files.
    • FindLowSimilar: fix division by zero.

This work was presented at ECCB’14 conference: abstract (ru) and poster.