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NPG-explorer 0.5.1 and 0.5.2 released

NPG-explorer is a new tool for nucleotide pangenome construction and analysis of closely related prokaryotic genomes.

Version 0.5.1 was released on Oct 30, 2015.

Version 0.5.2 was released on Nov 08, 2015.

Version 0.5.1 has a focus on bug fixes and a few new developments. Version 0.5.2 fixes bugs of the Windows version.

Changes (0.5.1):

  • Pangenome: join collinear blocks even if bad.
  • Fix intermediate fragments joining. This bug was introduced in 2c76b512a3eaffc613c (2015-05-16), version 0.4.0 (2015-06-12).
  • Update requirements of a good pangenome in according to what is implemented now.
  • Genes-vs-blocks partition: print only locus_tag.
  • GUI: jump to fragment end if there is no gene end.
  • Info: print % of NPG for total blocks length.
  • Recognize lua-npge format of Fragment id encoding.
  • Download compressed files from the database.
  • Fix errors in GetData and AddGenes.
  • AddGenes: skip repeated locus_tag.
  • Fix some build issues on various setups.
  • meta_test: ignore directories without script.npge.
  • Setup Travis for cross-compiling to Windows (MXE).
  • Setup Travis for uploading build artifacts to GitHub.
  • Update BLAST in the distribution to 2.2.31.

Changes (0.5.2):

  • Fix Windows build
  • Fix typos and errors in README and Info’s output
  • config: do not fail with lua-npge npge.conf

This work was presented at ECCB’14 conference: abstract (ru) and poster.